About us

DEVCO Sp. z o.o. was established in 1997, our mission was to create perfect place for business, comfortable, inspiring and friendly for work.

 We offer our clients office space for rent, characterized by high standard, functionality and aesthetics. They are optimal for large enterprises as well as small business. Their arrangement is carried out based on the individual needs of each tenant. All facilities we manage are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the use of modern technological solutions and high-quality materials, we ensure rational, correct and safe operation of all buildings.

Currently, the company manages its own office complexes under the name Strzegomska Park at Strzegomska street 46-56 and Wołowska Park at Wołowska street 4-20, as well as four apartments in the "Wall ST.House" building at ul. Włodkowica street 10-12 in Wrocław.

Strzegomska Park

Wroclaw Business Park - Strzegomska Park is intimate team of class A+ buildings located along Strzegomska street, and near Wroclaw International Airport. City Ring Road and Legnicka Street are passing nearby making easy access to all parts of the city.

Low buildings combined with with beautiful landscape makes this space special and creates perfect working conditions. With the power supply from two indepdent directions, additional transformer stations and the area suitable for server rooms, Business park is favorite destination for companies from the IT sector.

The Park consists of 12 independent buildings with a total area of 15,000 sq m.


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Wolowska Park

Wroclaw Business Park - Wolowska Park is a modern office complex in low, intimate buildings, surrounded by greenery and located in the northern, non-flooded part of Wroclaw.

The nearby City Ring Road and the Wroclaw's Motorway City Bypass are an advantage when it comes to the location of the Investment and provide a great connection both to the city center and the main exit routes (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan). At a distance of 100 m there are public transport stops (buses and trams) and a large shopping center.

There is a kindergarten and a nursery for children of tenants' employees, a restaurant and a medical facility in the Park.


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In the center of Wroclaw, we offer for our clients four apartments located in the building 'Wall St. House' at Włodkowica Street 10-12, 500 m from the Market Square. All apartments are air-conditioned and monitored. The building is protected 24 hours a day, with a separate corridor leading to the apartments.

If you are interested in renting the apartments, please contact Strzegomska Park employees.


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ul. Strzegomska 46-56

53-611 Wrocław

NIP: 894-24-18-206

REGON: 931942566


tel.: (+48) 71 359 72 72