About the Park

Wroclaw Business Park - Bierutowska Park is located in the north-eastern part of Wrocław on a non-flooded area (important for institutions with large archives) and consists of a complex of buildings with a total area of 45,000 sq m surrounded by old growth of trees.

The facility is located directly on the three-lane road towards Warsaw and a short distance from the Wrocław's Motorway Bypass. This guarantees a perfect connection to the airport and the A4 motorway.

The building is characterized by a timeless post-industrial facade made of natural brick, covered by heritage conservation supervision. The segmented structure allows the separation of individual entrances and access zones as well as large open space areas.

Our clients can freely shape the look of their office - it can be both a typical A-class office with lowered ceilings, raised floors, as well as an office reminiscent of a loft rather than austere office space. The structure of the building ensures maximum use of the space per employee for the Lessee.

Due to the very high load-bearing capacity of the ceilings (up to 3ton / 1 sq m), clients can supplement their office space with space for other purposes - research and development, laboratories, warehouses (height of rooms up to 4.71 m), exhibition areas.


Standard A
Ready to occupy 2015 (further buildings under construction)
Number of storeys 4
Total space sq.m 45 000
Office space sq.m 40 000
Commercial space sq.m 2000
Minimal office area sq.m 45
Floor area sq.m 8000
Number of parking places 800
Asking price Upon request
Service charges 6-12 PLN
Parking rent No fees
Indexation GUS / HICP
Deposit Bank guarantee or deposit
Add-on factor 3-5%
Number of elevators 11
Property Manager BFF Investments Polska Sp. z o.o.




ul. Bierutowska 57-59

51-317 Wrocław

(+48) 71 345 10 35



Historical note

The plants were built in the years 1940-42 by Rheinmetall - Borsig for the needs of war production. Ammunition, bomb fuses, equipment for airplanes were produced there. After the end of the war in 1945, the plant was taken over by the Soviet army, which in 1946 passed it on to the Polish authorities. The buildings during the war were not destroyed, but all equipment and all machines were taken away by the Soviet army.

Polish activity has been started since the repair of machine tools. On January 1, 1947, the factory was called "Fabryka Silników nr 3 Państwowych Zakładów Lotniczych FASIL". Spare parts for the textile and coal industry, machine tools, boat and bicycle engines were produced.

In 1954, it takes the name: "Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego", abbreviated as WSK. At that time, airframe equipment, spinning pumps were produced, and from 1963 aircraft engines. In 1969 the name was changed to "Kombinat Typowych Elementów Hydrauliki Siłowni DELTA – HYDRAL we Wrocławiu", popularly Hydral. Power hydraulics was launched in 1957.

Source: polska-org.pl


Office: (+48) 71 345 10 35

Space rental: (+48) 791 803 436 

Marketing: (+48) 665 433 333

Technical Manager: (+48) 507 159 411

Accountancy: (+48) 71 345 10 33